Honest Tea expands Honest Fizz soda line across the country

BETHESDA, Md. — Honest Tea, maker of organic bottled teas, is expanding its line of Honest Fizz naturally sweetened, zero-calorie sodas nationwide after a successful pre-launch, the company announced last week.

Honest Fizz is naturally sweetened with a blend of stevia leaf extract and erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol. None of the ingredients in Honest Fizz contain GMOs. There are four varieties to choose from in the new line of soda drinks: Lemon Limey, Orange Pop, Professor Fizz, and USDA Organic Root Beer.

At this time, Root Beer is the only flavor certified organic, though that was not the company's original intent. "Our original intent was to make the entire line certified organic, but the cost differentials on organic zero-calorie sweeteners is still too high," said Seth Goldman, co-founder and "TeaEO" of Honest Tea. "We're glad we managed to make Root Beer certified organic, and look forward to converting more varieties to organic over time." Still the company noted its USDA Organic Root Beer is the only organic, zero-calorie root beer on the market today.

All varieties are sold in in either 12 fl. oz., aluminum single cans or in six-can fridge packs. The fridge pack is made of corrugated cardboard and contains up to 30% pre-consumer recycled material and is recyclable.

Honest Fizz is available at a number of natural and specialty retailers around the country including Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Gelson's Market and Bristol Farms.

"Honest Fizz is fun, tasty and naturally-sweetened, and will help us connect with soda consumers seeking a naturally-sweetened alternative, as well as shoppers at natural and specialty stores looking for a zero-calorie soda option," added Goldman.

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