Homeopathy helps grow baskets

Groupings of homeopathic pediatric cough-cold solutions, like those pictured here at a central Pennsylvania CVS, have become more the norm given the safety and efficacy debate around several children’s cough-cold ingredients over the past few years, the spate of recalls and the more recent media-driven concern over accidental overdosing.

“Pediatric homeopathic cold-and-cough medicines continue to grow in popularity with moms because the product relieves their children’s symptoms in a safe, natural way,” said Mary Borneman, media relations and communications manager for Hyland’s.

According to a survey commissioned by Boiron, that newfound homeopathy consumer may hold a market basket full of promise. Overall, people who buy homeopathy buy more, Boiron found, and especially in drug stores, where baskets with homeopathic medicines have an average value of $42 in comparison to $21 for those that don’t.

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