Homeopathic advice now available on Aisle5

Aisle7 and Boiron last month partnered on the Aisle7 Online Decision Support Tools, an online decision support engine to provide science-based, self-care homeopathic product recommendations. Called the Homeopathic Medicine Finder, the Boiron-branded tool enables consumers to filter through more than 350 health conditions and symptoms to find the right product. 
The new tool will be featured across more than 2,000 in-store retail locations and 150 websites served by Aisle7.

“In particular for homeopathy, which in some cases is kind of a new category for people, … it’s really a new way to think about treatment,” said Bill Schneider, Aisle7 spokesman. “This product helps them cut through all the confusion and links them specifically with the product to consider for a condition.”

According to Pew Research, more than half of consumers regularly use the Internet to research and choose products to buy. “Traffic to [Aisle7] pages is on a 20% year-over-year growth rate as more and more people are starting to realize [their] retailers are featuring more content on their site,” Schneider said.

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