HerbaSway introduces Last Round to cap off night

WALLINGFORD, Conn. HerbaSway has introduced a hangover support in a ready-to-drink single “shot.”

Last Round is a 2.5-oz. bottle that contains such ingredients as kudzu root, stevia and green tea extracts. Last Round works by removing the effects of alcohol, “relaxing” the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, and detoxifying the body so users avoid headaches, dry mouth and other ailments associated with hangovers, the company said. HerbaSway also recommended drinking one 2.5-oz. bottle of Last Round just before bedtime.

“Our whole philosophy at HerbaSway revolves around living a natural lifestyle, and as a natural hangover support, Last Round fits perfectly alongside our other product lines,” said Robert Wolfson, president of HerbaSway. “Drinking moderately and responsibly also fits into our philosophy, but we recognize that there are times when people go a little overboard. On these occasions, a final shot of Last Round provides protection against hangovers the next day. As we say on the bottle, it’s the best way to end a night of drinking.” 

Last Round is available online and at retail shops nationwide, including Whole Foods. It is sold in two-packs, six-packs, 12-packs and party packs of 50 bottles.

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