Herbal Essences taps Leighton Meester as new spokeswoman

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble's Herbal Essences brand has named Leighton Meester as its new global hair ambassador.

In her new role with Herbal Essences, Meester will be featured in print advertorials in national magazines starting this summer and on HerbalEssences.com and Facebook.

"We are thrilled that someone as vibrant and talented as Leighton has joined Herbal Essences. Leighton epitomizes the Herbal Essences Girl -- a modern free spirit: daring, witty and who loves to explore her style opportunities and make the most of her look every day. We are extremely excited about sharing the luscious experience of the Herbal Essence collection through Leighton to women," stated Julie Marchant-Houle, marketing director for Herbal Essences.

"I'm so happy to be working with Herbal Essences," added Leighton, a multi-talented artist who has found fame for her range as an actress and for her appearances on the Red Carpet and at industry events. "It's important for me that I partnered with a brand that I do use every day and I trust and I love. My hairstylist, Charles Baker Strahan, who is also the hairstylist for Herbal Essences, introduced me to the collection, and the products are truly incredible and make a real difference to the condition of my hair. I use it personally and I want to spread the word about it. Herbal Essences takes great care of my hair."

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