Helios Corp. introduces botanical supplement for the relief of menopause symptoms

SANTA FE, N.M. — Helios Corp. on Wednesday announced the introduction of a botanical supplement for the relief of menopause symptoms, EstroG-100, which is found in Advanced Menopause Relief from CVS, Menopause Relief from Walgreens, Best EstroG-100 from Doctor's Best, Herbal Pause from NOW Foods and EstroG-100 from Swanson Nutrition.
The ingredient is a combination of three botanical root extracts that have been used as edible herbs in Korea and China."For so long women have feared menopause and suffered through it, just to feel like they're never quite the same again — like they've lost their normal lives," said Michael Jeffers, Helios Corp. president. 
"All that's been available to treat menopause symptoms are prescription medications with terrible side effects and herbal remedies that work at a snail's pace or not at all," he said. "With EstroG-100, we finally have a solution that works, and the speed with which it works is unheard of." 
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