Heinz licenses JDA to enable better response to demand changes

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. H.J. Heinz has licensed JDA Dynamic Demand Response solution from JDA Software Group to further improve visibility by enabling the company to sense and respond to market demand fluctuations.

“We recognize that customers do not always respond in a predictable manner, and Heinz needed to improve its ability to sense and respond to change. We have already received tremendous benefits through the use of JDA Software’s market-leading solutions and this new solution will take us to the next level and beyond in our performance capabilities. The joint development of the Dynamic Demand Response solution with JDA offers significant benefits for Heinz as the product is designed with the key challenges and data in mind which positions us well for continued success,” said Mike Sloboda, director of logistics and planning at Heinz.

Preliminary test results across two key business categories demonstrated a 32 percent and 25 percent decrease in error respectively, over and above the great results that Heinz had received from earlier JDA solutions.

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