HEB, Food Lion help families plan meals for $10

SAN ANTONIO, Texas Studies have shown that more people are eating at home to save money, instead of going out to restaurants. To respond to the growing number of home-cooked meals, HEB and Food Lion have both launched a line of budget meals designed to save customers time and money.

HEB’s “Feed a family of four for less than $10” is a program running on HEB’s Web site and in an email newsletter that presents seven different meal plans to feed a family four for under $10 with its “Fully Cooked” as the centerpiece. Recipes include a fajita Santa Fe chicken dinner, popcorn chicken salad dinner, spaghetti and meatballs and Texas ranch burger entrees.

Similarly, Food Lion has launched a “dinner for under $10” program to help families budget meals. Help in planning on a budget can be found on Food Lion’s Web site as well as with in-store signs.

“Our customers recently could find in one place all the ingredients for a spaghetti dinner for four for under $10,” Gene Faller, Food Lion’s vice president of the dry category said. “The next featured meal was a chicken biscuit dinner for under $10.”

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