Healthy Mama launches full line of pregnancy-friendly OTC products

NEW YORK — Healthy Mama on Monday announced the launch of their full line of pregnancy-friendly OTC products in Buybuy Baby stores. 

Healthy Mama is a complete brand developed to provide pregnant and nursing women with the safest solutions to such common ailments as aches and pains, lack of energy, nausea, indigestion, constipation and sleeplessness.

"The void in the market for pregnancy-safe remedies is gaping, and the information available to women on what products and ingredients are safe is confusing and often contradictory," stated Rachel Katz-Galatt, founder of Healthy Mama. "The abundance of misinformation fuels frustration and the possibility of women making misinformed choices, which could ultimately put their baby at risk. Healthy Mama has created this category innovation that will help make the shopping experience easier, more convenient and ultimately safer by bringing solutions to common pregnancy ailments all under one umbrella."

The healthy mama brand consists of seven products:

  • Shake That Ache! — Helps alleviate backaches, headaches, muscular aches and reduce fevers;
  • eaZZZe The Pain! — Helps relieve nighttime aches and pains;
  • Tame The Flame! — Mint-flavored chewable tablets help relieve acid indigestion and heartburn and provides 400 mg of elemental calcium;
  • Move It Along! — A gentle remedy for occasional constipation and relieves symptoms of irregularity;
  • Be Well Rounded! — A multivitamin with 17 vitamins and minerals plus 450 mg DHA enteric coated supplement;
  • Boost It Up! — Developed in collaboration with an OB-GYN and prenatal nutritionists, this caffeine-free energy and anti-nausea drink is rich in protein, B-vitamins, ginger, electrolytes and fiber; and
  • Make Mama Happy! — This kit includes Shake that Ache!, eaZZZe the Pain!, Move it Along! And Tame The Flame! packaged within a bedazzled pill case.



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