Healthy Advice Networks: 'Better educated consumers ... take care of their health'

CINCINNATI According to a survey conducted by Pulse Health & Wellness Initiatives, manufacturers are not sufficiently communicating the health benefits of their brands to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.


As many as 60% stated that companies do not provide enough information about their products for consumers to make healthy purchase decisions, the survey noted. This notion prompted Healthy Advice Networks to interview doctors on the matter. All of the interviewees agreed that healthier lifestyles result in healthier patients and the more information and resources they have from manufacturers, the more value it is to them and their patients.



“Better educated consumers are more likely to take care of their health and change behaviors,” stated Deborah Schnell, president of sales and strategic planning at Healthy Advice Networks. "When manufacturers with healthcare claims provide physicians with information they can use in their practice treating patients, everyone wins,” she said. “A doctor's endorsement can go a long way to help ensure these brands become part of a consumer's overall healthy lifestyle."


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