HealthSpot, MedAvail Technologies team up to enhance telehealth

DUBLIN, Ohio — HealthSpot has formed a strategic partnership with MedAvail Technologies, which created the MedAvail MedCenter telepharmacy kiosk, to enable HealthSpot station locations to provide pharmacy services in addition to acute care telehealth services in locations where there is no retail pharmacy, such as employer sites and community locations.
The HealthSpot station — a private, walk-in kiosk that enables patients' immediate access to medical diagnostics from doctors via high-definition videoconferencing and interactive, digital telehealth tools — could now be co-located with a MedAvail MedCenter telepharmacy kiosk, which is currently in pilot phase at locations in Illinois.
The MedCenter could support the dispensing of prescription drugs and OTC medications through live, two-way conferencing with a pharmacist after a visit with a provider inside the HealthSpot station. At the completion of the Healthspot visit, the provider has the ability to send an e-prescription to the MedAvail MedCenter for fulfillment.
"HealthSpot is dedicated to increasing accessibility while creating a truly integrated healthcare experience for the consumer. This experience means being able to receive care from a provider and then easily be able to fill the prescribed meds after the visit and consult with a pharmacist if needed. MedAvail allows consumers to get pharmacy services in non-pharmacy locations and is the perfect addition to HealthSpot's platform for extended reach of convenient, affordable health care across the country," stated Steve Cashman, founder and CEO of HealthSpot.     
"The cooperation we have with HealthSpot will have a significant positive impact on accessibility and health outcomes for consumers," added Ed Kilroy, CEO of MedAvail Technologies. "We believe innovative telehealth solutions like HealthSpot have a consumer-centric edge that pairs well with our vision to bridge the gap for consumers needing pharmacy services."

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