Healthnotes study finds that kiosks help drive retail sales

PORTLAND, Ore. Healthnotes on Wednesday released an independent study of its wellness-driven kiosks that found that the kiosks, signage and promotions helps drive incremental sales at retail.

“Retailers have known for a long time that shoppers love having easy, reliable access to ideas and information to help them make decisions in the store,” stated Jim Wisner, president for Wisner Marketing Group, the research firm conducting the study. “What this new study demonstrates is that retailers can achieve these benefits in a way that helps create a destination shopping experience while profitably driving new sales.”

Wisner’s test showed that stores with the Healthnotes “Fresh Ideas” program had nearly 2 percent higher sales growth and were 16 percent more likely to outperform control stores.

The Healthnotes “Fresh Ideas” program was implemented in 67 stores of a major retail chain. To assess impact on sales, year-over-year changes in the sale of health-related categories including OTC medications, vitamins, supplements, and nutritional products were compared between test and control stores during the fourth quarter of 2006. New stores, newly remodeled stores, and those impacted by new competition or other extraordinary factors were excluded from the comparison. The sales changes in test stores were compared to a control group of stores in the same geographic area as each test store.

The Healthnotes “Fresh Ideas” program is a kiosk-centered wellness marketing program for food and drug retailers that provides shoppers with seasonally relevant point-of-sale articles, recipes, and product information for key departments throughout the store—including meat & seafood, produce, wine, pharmacy and nutrition.

“We are excited that the results of this study clearly demonstrate sales lift and ROI of the Healthnotes program,” stated Skye Lininger, Healthnotes president and chief executive officer.

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