Health Dialog launches MTM service for health plans

BOSTON — Rite Aid's Health Dialog on Monday introduced comprehensive Medication Therapy Management services for health plans. The new MTM services combine analytics with skilled health coaching to help patients overcome barriers to proper medication use, identify medication-related problems, promote coordination of care and improve medication management success.

“The barriers to medication adherence are unique to each person,” stated Karen Staniforth, COO Health Dialog. “Our analytics leverage two decades of data and more than 1,500 data points per person to identify highly personalized interventions that address each person’s unique circumstances, attitudes, challenges and preferences," she said. "Combined with highly skilled health coaches, our formula is proven to positively impact patient outcomes, which can have a measureable impact on a health plan’s bottom line.”

In an eight-month study with its first MTM client, Health Dialog found that members who participated in one telephone coaching session vs. those who did not achieved the following:

  • 20% higher rate of adherence for members on hypertension medication;
  • 15% higher rate of adherence for members on diabetes medication; and
  • 15% higher rate of individuals with diabetes filling at least one statin medication.

"Our analytics leverage two decades of data and more than 1,500 data points per person to identify highly personalized interventions.”

In addition to helping health plans significantly reduce the substantial cost of poor medication adherence, the new MTM services can also improve HEDIS scores and several Five-Star Quality Ratings associated with medication use and safety. HEDIS and Star Rating adherence measures have become increasingly competitive. Over the past five years, the Five-Star adherence measure cut points have increased between three and seven percentage points for Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans and between four and eight points for Prescription Drug Plans.

To help meet these challenges, Health Dialog’s MTM services use proprietary analytics to identify individuals who are both non-compliant to drug therapy guidelines or eligible for comprehensive medication reviews (based on CMS and health plan parameters). Significantly, Health Dialog analytics also prioritize those likely to be receptive to intervention. Once identified, the Health Dialog MTM team assesses these individuals’ medication history and identifies issues that need immediate attention. Registered nurse health coaches, pharmacists and medication specialists trained in chronic disease management, patient education and behavior change methodologies engage with individuals to recognize and resolve medication-related issues and help individuals overcome barriers.

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