Head & Shoulders’ new cosmetic dermatologist urges shoppers to respect their scalps

BOCA RATON, Fla. Head & Shoulders, a P&G Beauty brand, has selected cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Marta Rendon to be its global celebrity dermatologist for its U.S. and European marketing campaigns.

The campaigns, launched this summer in Europe and this month in the United States, were designed to educate consumers on the importance of scalp care.

“A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy, beautiful hair, but most people do not realize that scalp issues are about as common as other skin issues,” stated Head & Shoulders North American marketing director Julie Marchant-Houle. “Head & Shoulders is launching a new campaign called ‘Respect the Scalp, Love the Hair’ this month that is designed to highlight the importance of the scalp and bring it to the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

Rendon was selected, according to the company, for her expertise as a dermatologist, related teaching tenure and active faculty credentials. She was also selected for her international physician training experience and the clinical trial research she directs at her practice, which tests the latest skin care technologies, treatments and products prior to marketplace distribution.

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