Head lice meets its match in LiceGuard's Robi Comb

NEW YORK LiceGuard has developed an innovative, nontoxic method to detect and destroy lice.


LiceGuard's Robi Comb is a quick, electronic comb that detects and kills head lice, which then are combed out of hair. LiceGuard's Robi Comb and other all-natural products are supported by Healthy Child -- a nonprofit organization focused on reducing and eliminating chemical exposures from home products, furnishings and food.


"Parents today are aware of the potential dangers that chemicals present to children's health and proper development. Advocating for safe products and alternatives to those filled with harmful synthetics is key to Healthy Child's core mission," said Christopher Gavial, CEO and executive director of Healthy Child Healthy World. "We help parents navigate a complicated and confusing marketplace to find high quality, effective alternatives to conventional products.  We recommend the Robi Comb because parent won't be worried about any chemical intrusion and yet they can properly treat their child's lice issues."

LiceGuard's Robi Comb currently is being sold at such retailers as Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart.

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