HDMA supports national pharmaceutical traceability legislation

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Healthcare Distribution Management Association on Saturday added its voice supporting national pharmaceutical traceability legislation (Drug Quality and Security Act/H.R. 3204). 

“Now that the House of Representatives has passed legislation to strengthen the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain, only the Senate’s imminent vote stands in the way of establishing a federal uniform traceability framework for prescription medicines," stated John Gray, HDMA president and CEO. "For nearly a decade, HDMA has worked to replace the 50-state patchwork of rules and regulations with a federal solution that ensures regulatory clarity and consistency, helps prevent counterfeits, discourages gray market activities and enhances the safety and security of the pharmaceutical supply chain for all Americans."

"This is the right approach to further strengthen our pharmaceutical supply chain, help ensure safe, efficient delivery of medicines and protect patients from threats associated with counterfeit and diverted products," the association added in a letter to several Congressional leaders, coupling its voice with a host of industry associations supporting the legislation

"In the absence of a national solution, the complexities of the current 50-state patchwork present a significant challenge to all supply chain partners and threaten to create weak links in the supply chain that will jeopardize patient safety," the association concluded.

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