HDI introduces TRUEtest blood glucose strips

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Home Diagnostics, Inc. on Monday announced the pending launch of its new blood glucose test strip platform called TRUEtest.

“The development of our new TRUEtest strip platform has been a major effort for us and the upcoming launch of our no-coding meters will mark a significant technological advance that will greatly benefit people with diabetes,” stated Richard Damron, Jr., HDI president and chief executive officer. “With this upcoming product platform, we are continuing to deliver on our promise of providing people with diabetes and our business partners with high-quality, cutting-edge products at affordable prices.”

According to the company, TRUEtest strips will utilize no-coding technology that automatically calibrates with the company’s upcoming TRUEresult and TRUE2go blood glucose meters. Home Diagnostics’ TRUEresult meter will offer advanced performance features while TRUE2go will be the world’s smallest monitor for on-the-go testing. The company expects to launch these products, the latest additions to the TRUE product line of diabetes testing supplies, in the second half of 2008 following clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

The new no-coding technology of TRUEtest strips will eliminate the need for users to code their TRUEresult and TRUE2go meters with each new box of test strips. This enhancement reduces the risk of inaccurate glucose results caused by miscoding or failure to change the code when a new box of test strips is used.

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