Hartman Group: Eating occasions transforming with the times

NEW YORK — Snacking is an occasion that reflects the transformative changes occurring in modern eating, the Hartman Group noted with an infographic on Wednesday. As much as 65% of snacking today occurs after lunch. Midnight snackers account for 13% of snacking occassions.
The Hartman Group on Wednesday also released a comprehensive history blog around breakfast as an eating occassion, and how today's generation is approaching the iconic mealtime. 
"The new American weekday breakfast is moving from light, grain-based breakfast foods tied to old notions of nutrition to higher-satiety foods that consumers believe will give them sustained energy to cope with an unpredictable schedule," the Hartman Group wrote. "Traditional categories need to focus on making consumers feel full like the modern disruptors are doing so well: Greek yogurt, nutrient-dense bars and breakfast sandwiches."
From this an upmarket trend is emerging — the nutrient-dense breakfast sandwich. "Panera’s spinach power sandwich is slowly making the rounds in many an office park, allowing those who believe breakfast should be full of nutritious goodness the ability to fill up for an uncertain day ahead as well."
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