Harris Teeter launches new yearly payment option for online shoppers

MATTHEWS, N.C. — In celebration of its 150th Express Lane Online Shopping location, which opened last week, the grocer launched a new payment option.

Harris Teeter’s Express Lane Online Shopping service was introduced in 2000 to the company’s home market of Charlotte, N.C. The goal: To make grocery shopping as easy and convenient as possible. The service has now grown to 150 locations throughout the company’s footprint, with the most recent location opening last week at the new Canton Crossing Harris Teeter in Baltimore, Md.

To celebrate the milestone, Harris Teeter has launched a new payment option. In addition to the $4.95 per order option and the $16.95 monthly option — already in place for shoppers who frequently use the service — shoppers can now choose to pay $99.95 for the entire year, allowing them to place as many orders as they would like throughout the year without incurring additional charges. 

Shoppers can add the yearly fee to their Express Lane Online Shopping bill when placing an order. From that date, the normal service fee will be automatically waived on all orders for the next 365 days. 

How does Express Lane Online Shopping work? Shoppers place their order online at HarrisTeeter.com, and associates will shop for them. Customers are able to choose from any products offered in the stores. Coupons are accepted and stores simply need four hours advance notice to fill orders. As a special offer, Harris Teeter also always credits the $4.95 service fee for new, first-time users.  


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