Harmons helps consumers find 'Healthy Living Solutions'

No. of stores: 13, No. of stores with Rx: 13

One chain that exemplifies experimentation and innovation in health-and-wellness programs is Harmons, which operates 13 stores in the Salt Lake City area.

In 1999, the family-owned company unveiled Healthy Living Solutions. Originally a store-within-a-store concept, the department featured natural and organic products, with the pharmacy manager in charge of the department.

As business grew, the products sold in the department were dispersed throughout the store and given a Healthy Living Solutions tag, though a small handful of stores still operate the concept as a separate department. Today, customers in most stores can go to any aisle and find both traditional products and natural and organic products.

“We think a lot of the people who are interested in quality and freshness are also interested in health and wellness,” Harmons director of pharmacy Greg Jones said. “We think a health-and-wellness solution needs to tie the pharmacy and produce department and meat department.”

In two months, the chain will open a new store that will be the first to have a full-time dietitian who will operate in an office next to the pharmacy. “It’s worked in other parts of the country, and we think the time is right for the Utah market,” Jones said. Harmons also offers in-store immunizations and has dabbled in medication therapy management.

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