Happyfamily offers organic nutrition on the go with new smoothies

NEW YORK — Organic food brand Happyfamily has announced the launch of two new products to help tots, teens and adults easily kick hunger pangs while on-the-go — Happysqueeze, an organic superfruit smoothie, and Happymorning, an organic supergrain breakfast smoothie.

The new snacks are made with Salba, a grain that boasts omega-3 fatty acids, delivers 6 g of protein and is high in fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins and antioxidants. The packaging is BPA-free.

All five flavors of Happysqueeze and Happymorning are certified organic, certified non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free. Happysqueeze is available in three flavors: Pom, Apple + Peach, Yumberry + Apple and Orange + Pumpkin. Happymorning is available in two flavors: Super Cinnamon and Super Banana.

Happysqueeze offers organic nutrition on the go, with each pouch packing half of a serving of fruit, 6 g of protein, 2 g of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, with 90 to 100 calories.

Happymorning is an organic supergrain breakfast smoothie made with organic yogurt and quinoa, and has as much protein as an egg and as much fiber as a bowl of cereal, plus probiotic protection.

Happysqueeze and Happymorning smoothies are available now in Target stores nationwide and online with a suggested retail price of $1.89 per 4.2-oz. pouch.

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