Happybaby launches organic Happybites and flavored sauces

NEW YORK The parent company of Happybaby frozen organic baby food and Happybellies organic baby cereals, Nurture Inc., has announced the launch of its new Happybites frozen meals and Secret Sauce, a line of dipping sauces for toddlers and older children.

Happybites is the third line of nutritious organic meal options for toddlers created by Nurture Inc. The Happybites meals—mac and cheese bites, swimmers (breaded wild salmon and pollock fish bites with vegetables) and veggietots—all contain vegetables and come with one flavor of Secret Sauce for dipping.

The Happybites Secret Sauce kit contains four dipping sauces. Designed to add flavor to veggies and other snacks, the sauces are high in protein, preservative-free and are made from organic ingredients.  Each sauce is named after an animal character.

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