Hamacher Resource Group enhances category management program to assist independents

WAUKESHA, Wis. — Hamacher Resource Group announced on Thursday that it has enhanced some of the strategies and deliverables of its core monthly category management program, Temps, with a focus on improving the front-end profitability of independent pharmacies.

In addition to introducing two new combination planograms, the company is incorporating even more actionable information in the monthly materials. Examples include breaking down merchandising steps into increments of time so the associate implementing the program can make their efforts most effective in the time available, and highlighting the top-performing subcategories so these sub-sections of the department are sure to receive attention, the company stated. The improvements to the Temps program is designed to help independent pharmacies streamline their front-end to include the SKUs that perform best in the channel and provide higher profit margins.

“We review the Temps program annually and make modifications based on customer feedback and what we’ve learned and observed in the industry,” stated Julie Bonnell, HRG director of operations and member of the owners group. “This year we proactively phone-surveyed our retailer, merchandiser and wholesaler customers, and we used their input to make these more widespread adjustments. We believe the changes, when executed, can positively impact an independent pharmacy’s bottom line.”

According to HRG research conducted in 2012, pharmacists rely on planograms to help manage their front of store. Collaborating with the Healthcare Distribution Management Association and other partners, HRG researched the independent pharmacy market, including interviewing shoppers, reviewing store POS data and surveying pharmacists.


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