Halls gets the operatic treatment

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Kraft Foods on Friday presented a team of professional opera singers who performed impromptu operatic renditions of irritations submitted by audience members via Facebook and Twitter.

Titled "The Operahhh of Irritations," the marketing event supported the Halls brand's spring allergy campaign and the brand's commitment to soothing irritations by giving the audience a chance to vent about whatever irritates them — and have that irritation sung away by professional opera singers.

"Halls is committed to soothing irritations — including coughs and sore throats associated with spring allergies," stated Lori Mazuro, senior associate brand manager for Halls. "But if there's one group who knows a thing or two about keeping throats in top condition, it's professional opera singers. So we're putting their tremendous throat power to work, helping soothe all kinds of irritations."

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