Hallmark pays visit to North Pole with new collection

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new collection of festive products from Hallmark proves it's never too early to get into the Holiday spirit. The company introduced a collection of Northpole products that combine the whimsy and magic of Santa with family fun.

Northpole products that will appear in Hallmark stores include:

  • Dance Like an Elf, a music activity for both the family and for holiday parties ($19.95);
  • Find Me, Santa! Snowflake, a snowflake that hangs on the window and signals Santa via glowing LED lights ($9.95);
  • Northpole Communicator, which allows users to "tune in" to talk with Santa, the workshop elves and Mrs. Claus ($24.95); and
  • Magic Snowball, a plush snowball that lights up and changes colors, evoking the imagery of the Northern Lights ($3.95).

The company also is launching a website, Northpole1820.com, in October for a behind-the-scenes peek, which is complete with countdown activities and fun facts. Younger consumers (and the young at heart) will also get a chance to see how elves live, work and play.  Northpole products will be available at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and other mass retailers nationwide, according to the company.


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