Hairfree says it's time to stop damaging your hair with flat, curling irons

TUCKAHOE, N.Y. — Flat and curling irons can damage your hair. They use high heat, often upwards to over 450 degrees, conducted through ceramic-coated metal filaments to reshape hair. According to medical experts, this can be very damaging to the strength of hair.

Hair-free brushes — according to the makers of the brushes, GroomeeZ — keeps hair healthier and provides the same results as flat and curling irons without the damaging heat.

The high heat produced using flat and curling irons strips nutrients out of your hair. Stripping your hair of its natural nutrients can cause frizzy hair, split ends and hair breakage.

Originally designed to be self-cleaning brushes during the testing and design phase, GroomeeZ learned that when their brushes were heated with a blow dryer they take on the properties of flat and curling irons. The reason is simple: the cleaning plates on the brushes are coated with ceramic material, the same type used in flat and curling irons. Whereas traditional flat and curling irons are heated internally by an electric current, GroomeeZ Hairfree brushes can be heated externally with a blow dryer to reach temperature levels less than half of traditional flat and curling irons yet produce the same desired results.

In addition, Hairfree brushes are versatile. You can use them as regular brushes, vent brushes or as a styling tool. A simple adjustment on the knob/slide converts the brush into a vent brush, which creates more airflow and speeds up the drying process.

Hairfree brushes have been included in gift bag events for the Sundance Film Festival, the Oscars, The Bachelors Wedding, the Kentucky Derby, the Soul Train Awards, the Miss Nevada pageant and most recently, the Miss California pageant.

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