H-E-B launches shelf labeling system and health newsletters to help Texans make healthier food choices

SAN ANTONIO — H-E-B on Thursday announced that it is introducing more ways to help customers eat and live healthier in 2013, including the introduction of a nutrition labeling system and a weekly newsletter filled with healthy tips, recipes and coupons.

“We know our customers want to make healthier choices for themselves and their families, but we also know they are busy and that ease and affordability are big concerns,” stated Kate Rogers, VP communication and engagement. “We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to learn about healthy habits, encourage them to try new things and to start cooking at home more often. I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of these recipes our dietitians have created.”

The initiatives are part of Healthy at H-E-B, a comprehensive, long-term commitment to improve the health of Texans and provide them with fresh, healthy food that is affordable and easy to prepare.

This week, customers will begin to spot icons on the shelf for a wide variety of products that call out seven common nutrition attributes that can help customers make better choices — fiber source, gluten free, organic, heart healthy, sugar free, low saturated fat and low sodium. Other in-store signage will help Customers learn more about healthy products by answering questions such as, “What is a super food?” or “What is omega-3?”

While in stores, customers can pick up a copy of “Good News,” a weekly, health-focused newsletter that features helpful fitness and nutrition topics, as well as six recipes developed by H-E-B’s team of registered dietitians complete with a shopping list and coupons. 

H-E-B will introduce its health initiatives to customers with a “Total Store Event” from Jan. 2 through 15 that will feature cooking and fitness demonstrations as well as free health screenings during H-E-B’s Second Saturday event on January 12 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

H-E-B first launched Healthy at H-E-B for its Partners (employees) in 2004, and in 2012 expanded the initiative to customers in an effort to address Texas’ growing health and obesity crisis. The initiative includes special offers on healthy food, fitness groups, events and competitions organized around the three critical pillars of health—food, body and life.

“As a society we have forgotten that we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies, not only for our own health and quality of life, but also for the people who care about us,” commented Craig Boyan, H-E-B president and COO. “Not only does poor health and obesity impact employers and the economy at large, it also affects individual happiness, family finances, and perhaps most importantly, the well-being of our children.”

Over the last year, H-E-B succeeded in engaging tens of thousands of Partners and customers in various fitness and nutrition activities and contests. In 2013, H-E-B will continue programs such as free health screenings on Second Saturdays, the community Slim Down Showdown, and challenges such as, Ready, Set, Cook!, Ready, Set, Move! and the Healthy at H-E-B Community Challenge.

H-E-B will also continue to sponsor and encourage participation in community fitness events.

These educational themes will be featured in “Good News” articles, dietitian shopping tours and virtual tours available online at heb.com/healthy.

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