Gummy vitamins not just for kids

Adult multivitamins in gummy format have been compiled into one four-foot retail set for the first time.

Target and CVS are some of the first retailers to group adult multivitamins and supplements available in gummy format into one 4-ft. set. The idea is to make shopping vitamins and supplements easier. For the 12 weeks ended Sept. 9, SymphonyIRI Group tabulated $202 million in sales of multivitamins, up slightly by 0.8%, across food, drug and mass (excluding Walmart).

“Gummy vitamin buyers tend to be different than the typical VMS consumer, a little bit younger,” noted Doug Jones, Pharmavite spokesman. Pharmavite this summer launched a line of seven gummy vitamin SKUs with a taste profile targeting an adult palate.



The article above is part of the DSN Category Review Series. For the complete VMS Sell-Through Report, including extensive charts, data and more analysis, click here.


- 8:46 PM
Serenity says

Sounds nice. This is good news! The consumers will like this new vitamin for sure. - Brenda Lee Reed

- 4:49 AM
tom2 says

Natural vitamins are quite essential in the diet of the kids so that they can attain proper growth and development. This is the reason why we all are recommended a balanced diet so that all the required vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning and growth of the body is provided through the food we eat. bounce house rentals

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