GSK launches smoking-cessation program at Walmart

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — GlaxoSmithKline recently tapped Emmy-nominated choreographer, “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer and recording artist Mark Ballas to headline the company’s Blueprint to Quit smoking-cessation program. The star has been smoke-free for more than six months thanks to the comprehensive, two-part quit-smoking Blueprint to Quit resource available exclusively at Walmart.

Blueprint to Quit combines two resources for quitting smoking: online behavioral support through QuitNet and nicotine replacement therapy like Nicor-ette or Nicoderm CQ.

“Practicing the utmost discipline in so many parts of my life, I didn’t expect quitting smoking to be a struggle,” Ballas said. “The program allowed me to tackle tough cravings, stick to a plan that worked for me and seek support when I need it.” Ballas developed a series of “Quit Steps” videos to illustrate the journey he took to becoming smoke-free. They show how he was able to get through tough moments, his experiences with the NicoDerm CQ patch, the QuitNet behavioral support program and how support from his friends and family was the key to his success.

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