GSK introduces Tums Kids

PITTSBURGH GlaxoSmithKline last month introduced the latest in kids gastrointestinal products—a new pediatric line of Tums called Tums Kids—and its being placed in a dedicated kids gastrointestinal set in many of the larger retailers.

Tums Kids is similar in size and consistency to the company’s Tums Smoothies line, only in a “cherry blast” flavor as opposed to chocolate or vanilla. In addition, the Tums Kids chewable tablets are scored down the center so that parents can deliver half a dose for children ages two to four. “It’s a Tums product formulated for kids ages 2-to-11 that offers a dual benefit of heartburn or upset stomach relief and [it’s] an excellent source of calcium,” commented Bill Kollitz, brand manager of Tums. “It’s a unique dose specially formulated for kids,” Kollitz added.

Novartis was one of the first companies to target kids GI as a niche with the introduction of its Gas-X Thin Strips in 2006. And Procter & Gamble soon followed with its launch of a children’s version of its Pepto-Bismol franchise, featuring a bubblegum-flavored soft chew for kids called Children’s Pepto. McNeil Consumer even has an Imodium A-D Liquid for use in children now.

“What we’re seeing is an emerging trend in retail in general, specifically in the drug accounts, is a dedicated shelf set for kids GI products,” Kollitz said. “Not only for upper GI, but there’s some lower GI products as well. Tums Kids really fits into that as an incremental placement.”

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