Greeting cards, gifts get greener with recycling

NobleWorks' recycled holiday cards

Americans are becoming greener, and eco-friendly products are es­pecially relevant in the greeting card aisle. Victoria Sutton, CEO of All in The Cards, said the company has doubled production of craft recycled products for holiday 2011.

“The recycled category continues to grow for us,” she said. “Recycled cards and gift bags are on trend now. The craft look has skyrocketed for us both in the greeting card, gift bag and box categories.” Sutton said that sales on a craft recycled card have been strong when the company mixed the cards into its assortment.

“There’s increased consumer consciousness about recycled products and what that means,” said Ron Kanfi, president of NobleWorks. NobleWorks prints on demand, and can produce in-and-out spinner rack promotions containing 48 to 124 cards and as boxed Christmas card promotions.

Bill Menke, general manager of Green Paper Co., said that while customers are more informed about recycled paper, some distinctions might escape them. “In many cases, the product being produced is made from scrap from virgin pulp that has never left the mill. It’s called recycled because it’s made from scrap,” he said.

Green Paper Co.’s products, which include boxed sets of printed and blank cards, are all made from between 30% and 100% post-consumer waste. “Consumers can identify which products are made from post-consumer waste by markings on the back of the product,” Menke said.

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