GreenLight Rx introduces easy-to-open medicine vials

Studies indicate that opening bottles can be challenging for elderly people, arthritis patients

SANTA ANA, Calif. — GreenLight Rx is offering a line of medicine bottles aimed at elderly people and those suffering from such conditions as arthritis, the company said.

The Santa Ana, Calif.-based manufacturer said it was working with retail pharmacies to help bring easy-to-open medicine containers to the public, particularly the EZ-pop, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is designed to make it easier to quickly and accurately identify medicines. According to a study by the Aging Research Center, 14.6% of older adults have difficulty opening plastic flip-top medicine bottles, and 66.3% have at least one limitation of capacity related to taking medicine.

"We have a growing population of older adults [who] find it difficult to open traditional prescription medicine containers," GreenLight Rx SVP John Kovacevich said. "Men and women with arthritis are also frustrated with their medicine vials and bottles, which are not only challenging, but can also cause great discomfort. We are working with major retail pharmacies to bring our EZ-pop containers to the public to help increase the ease of accessing medicines for millions of people."



- 10:21 AM
blisterpac says

It should be noted that most of the existing bottles used by pharmacies are indicated as child resistant closures and that patients typically can request non CRC caps that are easier to deal with but in most cases this must be a patient request.

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