Green Innovations names Walgreens vet to strategic advisory board

MIAMI — Green Innovations on Monday expanded its recently formed strategic advisory board, the company announced.

Joining the advisory board is Mark DeFilippo, a 20-year category management veteran from Walgreens. DeFilippo managed several categories across the front end, including candy and batteries, and OTC products such as cough-cold, pain and sleep remedies.  

"With our planned distribution growth into major retail chains, including the drug store class, the addition of someone with intimate knowledge of drug store product procurement, marketing, merchandising and inventory control is a very significant step toward gaining entry with these larger retailers," stated Bruce Harmon, CEO Green Innovations. 

DeFilippo currently serves as a sales and marketing consultant for Pankow Associates. 

Green Innovations anticipates making further complementary appointments to its strategic advisory board over the next several weeks, the company stated.

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