Green Hygienics launches tree-free, bamboo-based bath tissue

MIAMI — A new line of tree-free, bamboo-based bath tissue from Green Hygienics, Inc. (GHI) is set to launch on retail shelves.

The exclusive license agreement will make this bath tissue the first ever tree-free, bamboo fiber-based toilet paper product available in North America, the company stated. The new products will be sold under GHI's Sensational brand.

"The bath tissue market in North America is absolutely enormous, valued at an estimated $21.6 billion annually, and we feel that tree-free bamboo is going to quickly establish itself as the fastest growing and highest margin component of the industry," stated Philip Rundle, CEO of Green Innovations. "Our supply partners are at the cutting edge of the manufacturing capabilities that make these eco-friendly products possible on a global volume scale. Through our exclusive licensing deal, we intend to take advantage of our first to market status by quickly launching the new tree-free bamboo-based 'Sensational' branded bath tissue across North America. We feel it could rapidly become our highest demand product and provide significant revenues to the company."

GHI is currently finalizing samples and packaging for the North American market and expects to be offering product to wholesalers and retailers in less than 60 days. For an advanced look at the new tree-free bamboo-based Sensational tissue paper packaging design, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Company website at

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