GPhA supports Georgia interchangeable biologics bill

WASHINGTON — The Generic Pharmaceutical Association on Tuesday announced its support of Georgia SB 370, introduced by pharmacist and Sen. Buddy Carter, R-Ga. District 1,  because it will allow unimpeded patient access to interchangeable biologics. The bill mirrors current pharmacy practice for interchangeable generic substitution language, and is aligned with Food and Drug Administration definitions, the association noted.

“While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ model for states, one can look to the law enacted in Florida, and now, the bill under discussion in Georgia,” stated Ralph Neas, president and CEO of GPhA. “GPhA applauds efforts in Georgia to foster timely access to interchangeable biologics. This bill takes appropriate steps to limit roadblocks to these medicines and avoids unneeded mandates for notifying physicians that extend beyond current practice. The proposed bill in Georgia preserves the intent of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act — an approach backed by science and precedent," he said. 

“As the promise of biosimilars becomes reality in the U.S., state legislatures are a key piece of the regulatory roadmap. At the same time, FDA guidance and international naming conventions must align so that the safety and efficacy of these medicines is not undermined and patient access remains timely."



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