GPhA pushes for greater access to generics at TPP meeting

WASHINGTON — The Generic Pharmaceutical Association lobbied for greater access to generics at this week’s meeting of the chief negotiators of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the association announced Wednesday.

"GPhA supports trade agreements that protect timely and cost-effective patient access to beneficial generic drugs and biosimilars, and that also respect the rights of innovators," stated Ralph Neas, GPhA president and CEO. "Importantly, trade agreements should not constrain job growth in the U.S. by blocking or delaying exports of generic drugs to foreign markets. Any final agreement should support the U.S.-based generic industry and open foreign markets for generic products." 

GPhA strongly objects to any provisions that could threaten competition including patent linkage and exclusivity periods for reference products that unnecessarily delay access to lower-cost generic medicines, Neas added.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is part of a trade agreement that seeks to manage trade, promote growth and regionally integrate the economies of the Asia-Pacific region.

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