Gov. Napolitano honors C-Path with Arizona innovation award

TUSCON, Ariz. Arizona governor Janet Napolitano presented an Arizona Innovation Award to The Critical Path Institute (C-Path) for its approach to speeding the development of safe, innovative medical products for patients.

C-Path?s ability to collaborate with the FDA and industry regulators (in addition to using academia) has given way to new methods and more efficient pathways for developing safe, innovative medicines, diagnostic tests and devices.

“I am pleased that C-Path chose to open its doors here in Arizona, and commend this organization for its dedication to expediting the process of bringing medical technologies to market,” said Governor Napolitano. “C-Path is truly deserving of this Arizona Innovation Award.”

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona with offices in Rockville, Md., C-Path was established in 2005 as a publicly funded, nonprofit research and education institute to serve as a trusted third party for collaborations between scientists and others from government, industry and academia. C-Path’s mission is to help implement the FDA’s Critical Path Initiative by developing faster, safer and smarter pathways to new medical products.

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