Gothica Lolita Wigs, Rockstar Wigs launch new 'doll-look' cosmetics line

HOUSTON — The Texas-based design team behind Gothic Lolita Wigs and Rockstar Wigs has announced a new venture into the eyelash and beauty arena with innovations to emulate the skin and facial features of a porcelain doll come to life. Enter Dolluxe Cosmetics.

Several styles of false lashes that make the eye pop into a doe-eyed cutesy appearance are already available for sale on the Dolluxe website.

Eyelash designs include:

  • Lashing Out Loud: Dynamic false lashes with a short, natural layer and six longer pieces designed to set off your eye and show up with any makeup, lighting or style;
  • Harajuku Honey: A side-swept lash with shorter lashes for the inner eye turning to longer lashes that frame the eye;
  • Born to Flirt: Designed to match with your natural lashes, it elongates them by adding extra, longer layers;
  • All Dolled Up: Features lashes in varying length to give you a red-carpet ready look;
  • Wishful Winking: A strip lash with a shorter band that is designed to be worn at the end of the lash line for a dramatic, doll-like effect;
  • Whiplash Attack: Made with slightly spaced, side-swept lashes that blend with and elongates your natural lashes;
  • Underlash A: A strip bottom lash, designed to be worn in either direction; and
  • Underlash B: A striking strip bottom lash designed to complement your eye shape, with longer, thicker lashes offset by shorter ones.
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