GNC product partner and AquaHydrate board member Mark Wahlberg heralds new sports drink distribution

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of a summer rebranding campaign aimed at active, health-conscious consumers, AquaHydrate on Thursday announced expansion of its distribution through GNC. 

The AquaHydrate line offers consumers "Supercharged Hydration," a combination of key electrolytes and alkalinity that helps restore balance to the body. While many sports and vitamin drinks hover around a 4 pH (relatively acidic) and most bottled water between 7 and 7.5 (pH neutral), AquaHydrate stands at a pH value of more than 9 (relatively alkaline).

"GNC and AquaHydrate are the perfect match. We already know the vast majority of our consumers are regular shoppers of GNC," stated John Cochran, CEO of AquaHydrate.

"I am excited to see AquaHydrate partnering with GNC for nationwide distribution," stated Mark Wahlberg, AquaHydrate board member. "AquaHydrate will be a great complement to the Marked line of supplements, as well as the wide array of performance products available at GNC."

Earlier this year GNC partnered with actor/producer Mark Wahlberg on the launch of Marked, a new nutritional supplement line designed to meet the demanding lifestyles of fitness consumers. The Marked line — consisting of seven sports and active nutrition products — was designed by GNC scientists and wellness experts in partnership with Wahlberg.

As part of that partnership, Wahlberg has served as the leading brand ambassador and will drive the marketing approach for the Marked product line. 

AquaHydrate also has distribution in Whole Foods, Vitamin World, Sprouts, Albertsons and across several convenience outlets.  

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