GNC prepares care packages for troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

PITTSBURGH GNC on Wednesday shipped nearly 50,000 packages of Pepto-Bismol, Alka-Seltzer, Zicam, Band-Aids and more to American troops deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“At GNC, we’re dedicated to helping people ‘Live Well,’” stated Tom Dowd, executive vice president at the company's Pittsburgh headquarters. “This means providing them with trusted nutritional information and high-quality products they need to stay healthy, especially when they're hard at work overseas. We know our troops use and appreciate these products, so this donation makes perfect sense.”

The over-the-counter remedies will be distributed to active duty men and women all over the United States as they depart for service, GNC stated.

GNC has 108 stores on military bases throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii, and stores on bases in Japan, Bahrain, Guam and Korea. GNC products are also available in commissaries and AAFES Overseas Exchange locations.

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