GNC launches line of personalized supplements

PITTSBURGH — GNC Holdings on Wednesday announced the introduction of a new line of supplement superchargers called the GNC Accelerator Series. Scientifically formulated by GNC experts to provide patrons with research-based performance power for all sports, training and fitness activities, GNC Accelerator Series products make it easy to personalize supplementation and benefits by adding precise doses of leucine, glutamine and creatine to any powdered supplement in a workout enthusiast's current regimen.

“The GNC Accelerator Series is nothing less than a completely new approach to achieving your personal goals by customizing your supplement regimen,” said Tom Dowd, EVP, chief merchandising officer and general manager for GNC. “Designed for individuals who want that extra edge and want every advantage possible to help them achieve their fitness goals, GNC Accelerator Series products are a cost effective way to easily supercharge your supplement regimen.”

Each GNC Accelerator Series product provides micro-peptide amino acid complexes for optimal absorption and nutrient delivery and antioxidants to accelerate recovery and protect against muscle cell damage from intense training.

"The GNC Accelerator Series demonstrates why serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts turn to GNC for research-based performance products,” Dowd said. “Now, as a bonus, you can access research-based stacking charts on our website that provide you with expert-recommended product combinations.”

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