GNC highlights endurance selection

PITTSBURGH GNC on Thursday announced it would highlight its new “Endurance Wall,” which includes as many as 50 SKUs, at two upcoming endurance events.

"The GNC endurance selection is an amazing array of products designed to meet the specific needs of serious athletes across all sports and activities. No matter what their level of experience, GNC has the right product," stated Tom Dowd, EVP store operations and development.

The new wall will house the on-course drinks for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on Oct. 9, and from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Oct. 10.

“GNC supports a wide range of athletic events around the country, but these two events symbolize the GNC Live Well premise –– that all athletes, whether professionals or serious amateurs, can participate in open events that provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate that their training, with its highs and lows, is worth it all,” stated Dave Sims, GNC VP direct marketing and two-time Hawaii Ironman participant.

In Kona, the PowerBar Ironman Perform is the on-course drink for the race. GNC’s Kona store is only two blocks from the start/finish line and the bike and run components of the race go past it on the way out and coming back. More than 1,800 participants are expected in the Hawaii Ironman event, with thousands more cheering them on.

In Chicago, Gatorade’s G Series Pro 02 endurance formula is the on-course drink for the 33rd running of the marathon. In addition to on-course availability, marathoners and spectators alike will be able to find G Series Pro 02 at GNC stores in the area. As well as the thousands of spectators in downtown Chicago, there will be 38,000 runners, including more than 20,000 from outside Illinois.

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