GNC extends Preventive Nutrition brand with 11 new supplements

PITTSBURGH — GNC on Tuesday extended its Preventive Nutrition brand to help supplement a number of conditions, including eye health, liver health and digestive health.  

"Health and wellness is important to men and women of all ages, and their health concerns are far-reaching and can range from supporting brain health to healthy digestion and cholesterol," stated Tom Dowd, EVP, chief merchandising officer and general manager for GNC. "This extension of our Preventive Nutrition line is part of GNC's goal of providing consumers with the best innovative products the nutritional supplement industry has to offer."

"With 11 new formulas to choose from, consumers can rest assured that they are taking a supplement that will help them support the key health concern they are focused on, such as eye health, blood pressure, digestive health or liver health," commented Joseph Maroon, chairman of GNC's Medical Advisory Board. "For example, the Healthy Cholesterol Formula supports normal, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It combines potent phytosterols, which support heart health, and CoQ-10 for powerful cardiovascular antioxidant support."

The 11 new formulas include: Eye Health Formula, Liver Health Formula, Brain Health Formula, Energy Enhancing Formula, Healthy Digestion Formula, Bone and Joint Health Formula, Enhanced Sleep Formula, Healthy Cholesterol Formula, Healthy Blood Pressure Formula, Cellular Antioxidant Formula and Healthy Blood Sugar Formula.

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