GNC employees lose more than 700 pounds in corporate challenge

146 team members participate in Total Lean Corporate Challenge

PITTSBURGH — When GNC Holdings challenged its corporate employees in March to transform their eating, exercise and lifestyle habits for long-term healthy weight management via GNC’s new Total Lean Corporate Challenge, 146 team members took the challenge — and lost a total of more than 700 pounds in the 12-week health and fitness contest.

The Total Lean Corporate Challenge is the employee version of GNC’s Total Lean Challenge and Sweepstakes, which gives consumers a practical way to take control of their health by offering weekly weight-loss management tools, Total Lean products and a chance to win cash prizes along the way.

The Total Lean Challenge may serve as an introduction to GNC’s Lifestyle Diet approach to weight loss, Total Lean. Total Lean is a Total Diet Solution line of products for use throughout the day, including clinically proven Lean Shake 25, which provides more protein to feed lean muscles; Total Lean CLA, which supplies 1,000 mg of CLA, a naturally occurring fatty acid that helps enhance diet, support metabolism and maintain lean muscle; and Total Lean Waterex, a caffeine-free formula that is scientifically designed to help maintain and support water balance.

Tom Dowd, EVP, CMO and GM for GNC, said, “GNC is extremely proud of every employee who participated in the Total Lean Corporate Challenge, particularly the winners. We know it wasn’t easy, but we are all very proud of your dedication to health and wellness.”

Dowd added, “Now, we have the best Total Lean brand ambassadors from within our very own company and culture. We know that your new healthy habits will continue, and we will all work to inspire others to live well and respect themselves."

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