GMDC releases Amazon whitepaper

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Global Market Development Center on Monday released a new whitepaper, “Amazon in Focus: Overview,” which summarizes an analysis of Amazon’s business model, presented by Keith Anderson, VP and senior analyst at RetailNet Group, in a GMDC* Connect Videocast.

Anderson’s GMDC*Connect Videocast, “Amazon in Focus,” demonstrates how Amazon, predicted to break into the top 5 retailers by 2016, is relying on the company’s growth model as well as current and future strategies to continue developing and enhancing their presence in the retail industry. GMDC’s whitepaper takes key information and insights from the Videocast and channels it through written copy, including charts and statistics highlighted in Anderson’s presentation.

“The ‘Amazon in Focus’ videocast on GMDC Connect, hosted by Retail Net Group, is a great educational resource with key insights about Amazon’s growth story and the success that they have had as a platform,” said Meg Levene, division VP Northeast at Advantage Sales and Marketing. “The information it provides about selling products on Amazon and other top retailers is invaluable and can be used to enhance selling techniques. As all businesses are affected by Amazon in some way, I highly recommend watching the videocast and reading the whitepaper.”

“Amazon’s exponential growth continues to disrupt the retail landscape. It’s important for retailers and manufacturers alike to have a foundational understanding of Amazon’s unique economics and approach to marketing, merchandising and supply chain,” Anderson said. “RNG is proud to have partnered with GMDC to equip its membership with insight and guidance to navigate the changing environment.”

While the full version of this whitepaper is available only to GMDC members, the first page, as a preview to RNG’s presentation, can be found here. The GMDC* Connect Videocast, “Amazon in Focus,” is for all viewers.


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