GMDC introduces revamped website

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Global Market Development Center has unveiled its revamped public facing website to include more responsive features, modern designs and user-friendly aspects.

The new GMDC site,, was officially introduced to GMDC members during the 2014 Health, Beauty and Wellness Marketing Conference in Orlando, Fla., marking GMDC’s 43rd HBW Conference.

Significant enhancements were made to GMDC’s previous website, a website that was recognized in 2008 by receiving a bronze iNOVA Award for best website in the Associations category.

New features include two microsites for GMDC’s annual Health, Beauty and Wellness and General Merchandise Marketing Conferences. These new microsites each display urgent messaging across the top of the page; four column navigation bars; slide out buttons for most frequently asked questions; and the most essential information conference attendees will need. Beyond navigation, each microsite features a Flickr photo gallery displaying photos from conferences occurring in the previous year.

Along with these enhancements, the website’s responsive design now automatically reformats and prioritizes menus and messaging across the entire web site on any device, whether browsing via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Other features on the new GMDC website include:

  • RSS feeds from trade partners and social media feeds;
  • A photo gallery on the homepage that pulls from GMDC’s Flickr account;
  • An events calendar that displaying GMDC*Connect events and upcoming conferences that GMDC will be attending; and
  • A content library compiling the latest research available to GMDC members.

While the new website follows a different format, most of the retrievable information that was available on the previous website remains the same, including conference schedules, downloadable research, GMDC news releases and the member directory.

“The GMDC total experience is about getting the most valuable information, accessing the latest industry research and making the best connections, whether you’re at a conference or on our website. Our new website truly accomplishes this, while also encompassing the organization’s atmosphere so that it can be seamlessly shared across channels with potential members and existing ones alike,” said Dave McConnell, president and CEO of GMDC.

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