GMDC enters partnership with Recall InfoLink

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. The Global Market Development Center on Friday partnered with Recall InfoLink to offer product recall and withdrawal notification communications for its members.

“Recall InfoLink operates the premier product recall process management service to help businesses protect their brand, customers and business during product recall events using state-of-the-art technology” stated Dave McConnell, GMDC president and CEO. “Recall InfoLink connects wholesalers, retailers and supplier members together instantaneously to speed up the information flow, eliminate confusion, save money and, most importantly, protect the customer. The right messages are delivered to the right people so recalled products get quickly removed from sale and supply.”

“Recall InfoLink’s step-by-step Process Wizards simplifies the many steps it takes to process a recall,” added Roger Hancock, Retail InfoLink CEO. “By sharing targeted information with stakeholders and providing outstanding customer service, Recall InfoLink eases the stress of recalls and helps protect what is most valuable.”

Recall InfoLink also will guide wholesalers, retailers and suppliers through “Mock Recalls.” Mock recalls make sure that people, processes and systems are ready to respond effectively to a recall when it occurs.

GMDC members receive a 33% discount on the start-up fee, the association announced.

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