GM Pharmaceuticals launches regionally centric line of allergy and cold products in Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas — GM Pharmaceuticals on Wednesday announced the launch of TexaClear, a new liquid allergy, sinus, cough-cold and flu line, made by Texans for Texans. The TexaClear line will hit the shelves of H-E-B stores on Nov. 10. 
According to the company, every year Texans suffer from what is commonly known as “Cedar Fever.” Despite its name, “Cedar Fever” is actually caused by the pollen of ashe juniper, a small evergreen tree that is located in Central Texas anywhere between the Red River and the Rio Grande. 
Right in time for the peak of Texas allergy season, TexaClear has the only liquid anti-inflammatory pain reliever for sinus, cough-cold and flu symptoms. The line includes TexaClear Allergy Relief, Sinus Relief and Cough, Cold and Flu Relief for both daytime and nighttime. 
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