Giving snacks that extra ‘Pop’

Medora Snacks’ PopCorners

FREEPORT, N.Y. — Medora Snacks has introduced a new, healthy snack option to the snack market. PopCorners snacks are popcorn chips made from all-natural ingredients that are popped, not baked or fried. The chips can be eaten alone or paired with a dip.

The chips are available in four flavors—white cheddar, butter, sea salt and kettle—and in 1.1-oz. and 5-oz. packages.

Popcorn sales are on the rise. Linda Fishman, Medora Snacks’ president, said popcorn sales were up 21% in the past year. PopCorners, she said, are an ideal choice for consumers who are demanding healthier snacks. The new snacks are free of trans fat, gluten and cholesterol.

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