Give me your thirsty: Kvass arrives in New York

NEW YORK A beerlike soda is coming to the United States, from Russia with love.

Kvass -- a staple refreshment in Russia -- will be distributed in the New York metropolitan area, Coca-Cola announced Thursday. Available exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores, Kvass is fermented with high-quality rye and barley, and flavored with natural sugar for a clean, sweet finish. Kvass's complex taste and authentic flavors will entice those looking for a refreshing, robust and unexpectedly crisp malt taste, Coca-Cola said. Though made through a process like beer, Kvass's fermentation is closely monitored to ensure the alcohol level falls within the Food and Drug Administration's guidelines for a nonalcoholic beverage.

"We are pleased to be able to introduce authentic Russian Kvass to New York in recognition of President Medvedev's historic visit," said Deryck Van Rensberg, president and general manager for venturing and emerging brands at Coca-Cola North America. "Importing Krushka & Bochka Kvass directly from Russia allows us to provide the New York metro area with a unique beverage of the highest quality, steeped in Russian culture and enjoyed for a thousand years."

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